Herbal Consuations & Formulas

Consultations involve a full person approach to health. Taylor believes that there is more to well-being than an array of symptoms. In order to truly get to the root of an issue, we must look at all aspects of a person: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. 

During a consultation, there will be an initial intake from the client, often addressing medical and mental health history. From there, we will have a discussion about what brought you to seek out an herbal consultation, symptomatic issues, patterns of your body, diet, constitution and goals. Overall, the initial consultation will take anywhere from one to two hours. 

Taylor will then research, formulate, and prepare an integrated recommendation and treatment protocol. This may include recommended change in diet, lifestyle and/or herbal medicine. Once a plan has been decided and discussed, should the client chose to access medicine from Taylor, she will create a formula (most often in the form of a tincture) specific to your personal physical, psychological and emotional needs. 

Taylor aims to create a safe and welcoming queer-friendly, anti-oppressive space, affirming all body types and life-style choices. She will assess your constitutional needs with a warm and open heart, with the hope she can provide a safe and comfortable space to share your grief, tender places and pain. 

Consultations are based on a sliding scale of $40-80.

Please consider the time spent researching and formulating a treatment protocol by paying the maximum amount you feel comfortable with given your financial means. 

Formula cost varies, but generally ranges on a sliding scale from $40-60 for a months supply.
Smaller dosages are available and negotiation around cost is always a possibility.

To schedule a consultation, please email healingelementals@gmail.com or call 203-927-7050